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Headwrap History

Isiko is a Zulu word for culture so Wrap Isiko means Wrap Culture. Headwraps have played an interesting and sometimes questionable part in the history of the African diaspora.


We use headwraps for various purposes in our ancestral land. They have served both a utilitarian and fashion intent well before the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Enslaved Africans were forced to cover their heads with “head handkerchiefs” as a badge of enslavement, but in resistance, they became a “uniform of rebellion”. However, well before the period of enslavement, headwraps meant more to us as a people.


Fortunately, we relinquished their use and meaning. Today, we wear them by choice, as day to day wear or bold fashion statements. They have always exhibited a part of our distinction, much like our melanin-rich skin. We style them creatively and they now exhibit our own purpose as free people.


For the African American community and all present day descendants of enslaved people around the world, including my home Island of Jamaica, wearing a headwrap means reveling in an item that has withstood the test of time, much like ourselves.


Wrap Isiko’s ultimate goal is for you to feel emboldened, empowered and royal in our head wear.


With love,

Sammy Foster, Founder/CEO of Wrap Isiko